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24 Apr 2020

Music For All

Bandcamp came on my radar three years ago when I was introduced to Vulfpeck, a stellar funk/rhythm band you should check...
19 Apr 2016

Instaparse Powered Slackbot

Bots are all the rage now. While building a conversational AI bot is a huge undertaking, building your own helpful Slack...
14 Sep 2015

Making Sense of Clojure's Overlooked Agents

Working extensively with Clojure in the last year, I’ve been exploring the many concurrency techniques favored by ...
22 Jun 2015

Reservoir Sampling in Clojure

Lately I’ve been moving our data backend to use Apache Kafka to store our many data sources. I think it’s a ...
05 Jun 2015

Make Your Database Disposable!

Marvin and Stanley work for different companies that do the same thing. Both businesses deliver a stream of relevant con...