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17 Dec 2020

Conscious Granularity

As our skills advance in creating software, we work hard to break problems down into smaller pieces. This helps manage c...
30 Nov 2020

A Fun Puzzle

Normally I enjoy puzzles in games. Yesterday while playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker, a CRPG, I was presented with a maddeni...
10 Nov 2020

Striving for Simple vs. Easy

Rich Hickey’s Simple Made Easy is one of the most influential tech talks I’ve watched. This talk is responsi...
25 Aug 2020

Spark, AWS Fargate, and S3

Recently I went down a long and winding road to establish my Spark submit jobs as containers run in AWS’s Fargate ...
28 Apr 2020


With the proliferation of RESTful APIs, it is common to build UI backends with the typical Create/Update/Delete patterns...